Finding the Right Sports Medicine Doctor in Las Vegas, NV

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As an athlete, you know that taking care of your body before, during and after a workout or game is essential. Injuries happen to even the best athletes, and often require the help of a sports physician to get you rehabilitated and back in the game as soon and pain-free as possible.

Not just any doctor will do, though. If you’re searching for a sports medicine doctor in Las Vegas, NV, you want to make sure they are the best to meet your needs. Here are some things you should research and consider to find the right sports physician for you:

  • Education: One of the most important parts of choosing a sports medicine doctor is researching what education they have in the field. Medical doctors have to go through many years of school and routine practice to obtain their doctoral degrees. Research the degrees and certifications of your intended doctor. Also research the schools they attended to make sure the institutions are reputable or to know if they have received any special recognition.
  • Experience: All of your doctor’s schooling means very little if they don’t have medical experience to apply it to. Find out how many years the doctor has been in the medical field and how often they work with clients. The more experience they have treating patients, the more skilled they will be at problem solving and treating you without complications.
  • Works with athletes: Make sure your sports medicine doctor actually works in the field of sports medicine. Athletes require a certain level and type of treatment that differs from the average patient, so you want to see someone who knows how to best treat sports-related injuries. If the doctor has worked with an established sports team, it’s a good sign that they are trusted in the sports medicine field!
  • Positive recommendations: Talk to family and friends who see sports medicine doctors in your area and read reviews and customer satisfaction results about the doctor online. If their patients seem highly satisfied and have good things to say about them, they will probably be a good fit for you. Great doctors take the time to get to know their patients and provide unique treatments. Steer clear of doctors with negative reviews or a history of malpractice claims.
  • Meet with them: Once you identify a doctor you think will work for you, have a consultation with them to discuss their practice, how they conduct treatment and your expectations as an athletic patient. While a doctor may seem great on paper, you should make sure that you feel comfortable around them and that their treatment style works for you if you will be working with them regularly.

If you are in search of a sports medicine doctor in Las Vegas, NV, contact Bernard Ong, M.D. Dr. Ong has provided orthopedic surgery and sports medicine services to clients for more than a decade, and has been recognized as one of Las Vegas’ top 100 doctors. Let him provide unique and excellent care for your sports-related injuries. Call today!

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