Rotator Cuff Injury in Las Vegas, NV and Other Common Football Injuries

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Everyone knows football is a rough sport. Players risk injury at every game and even at practice, but they continue to hit the field with determination and competitive edge. As they do, these athletes may experience several common shoulder injuries. One of them is rotator cuff injury in Las Vegas, NV.

Following are a few of the most common football player injuries. If you or someone you know plays football regularly, watch for signs of these injuries and seek treatment right away if you suspect the player has suffered from any of them:

  • Rotator cuff injury: When a football player suffers a rotator cuff injury in Las Vegas, NV, it can start off as a minor issue. It often begins with inflammation, but, as excessive throwing motions occur, it progresses to a partial or complete tear.
  • Shoulder dislocation: This typically occurs during a severe impact with the ground or another player. The humerus ball becomes separated from the scapular socket. The shoulder must be relocated, and follow-up physical therapy can be used to restore its strength and stability.
  • Shoulder separation: This is a more severe form of shoulder dislocation. Separation occurs if the ligaments which attach to the collarbone tear away from the shoulder blade.
  • Shoulder tendinitis: Repeated, strenuous throwing motions can cause shoulder tendinitis. The activity causes inflammation of the tendons in the shoulder, particularly in the bicep tendon.
  • SLAP tears: Superior labrum anterior to posterior (SLAP) tears affect the shoulder’s labrum. This is the portion where the bicep tendon is attached.
  • Anterior shoulder instability: Football players who repeatedly throw the ball or throw it long distances can suffer from anterior shoulder instability. The frequent throwing motion causes the humeral head to slip in and out from the shoulder socket. This slippage can occur frequently, becoming a chronic instability issue.
  • Internal impingement: Overhead throwing motions can cause internal impingement. The rotator cuff tendon gets pinched between the glenoid and the humeral head. This can also lead to damage of the labrum or rotator cuff.

Injury Prevention

How can football players avoid common shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff injury in Las Vegas, NV? Use the following tips:

  • Protection: Never hit the field without donning proper safety equipment first, particularly quality shoulder pads.
  • Training: Use strength and conditioning training to prepare the body and its ligaments for the strenuous activity involved with football games and practices.
  • Technique: Learn and use the proper techniques for safely throwing, blocking and tackling.
  • Stretching: Always stretch before and after physical activity, focusing on the back and torso to prevent injuries in these areas.
  • Maintenance: Keep up with physical fitness throughout the year rather than just during the football season.
  • Treatment: If you suspect you have suffered an injury, don’t hesitate to seek treatment. Starting the proper intervention early can prevent further damage and get you back on the field faster.

Need Treatment?

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