Ways to Prevent Overuse Injuries When Running

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You’ve heard the stories. The marathon runner has knees that are now useless. The man who has been jogging every morning for years now has constant pain in his ankles. So how can you enjoy running and get the exercise you need without injuring yourself? Use the following running tips in Las Vegas, NV. These will help with injury prevention so you don’t become one of those stories.

Study your body

If you plan to push your body to new limits, it’s important to know your current limits. Understand how your body works. Look for areas of weakness. Be aware of any potential misalignments or other conditions that may cause recurring injury.

Once you know your body, you can choose the right type of shoes to wear and the amount of stress that is appropriate to put on your body. Take it slowly at first, to make sure you have chosen well. You can increase your longevity and distance over time as you adjust and build endurance.

Improve movement

When your body can perform movements efficiently and correctly, you’re less likely to suffer injury. This means one of the best methods of injury prevention in Las Vegas, NV is to learn to perform exercises using good form.

Practice doing planks, lunges, pushups and other fluid movements properly. Consult with a professional to learn the right techniques to use to avoid injury, then train your body so it becomes natural to perform movements in a healthy way.

Increase mobility

Another important aspect of overuse injury prevention in Las Vegas, NV is keeping your joints mobile. Effective techniques for this include stretching, yoga and deep-tissue massage/foam rolling.

Focus on the tissues that are affected the most by running, which include your Achilles, quads, piriformis and psoas. Consider completing these mobility techniques four to five times each week.

Strength train

Weak muscles are more likely to suffer injury, so maintain a healthy balance of weight sessions and circuit training. Follow up a heavy workout day with an easy run, and complete circuits on days when you’re not completing a speed run. Keep a good pattern of alternating cardio and strength, so your muscles are always ready for the workout you have planned for them.

Use the 10 percent rule

One of the best running tips in Las Vegas, NV is to use the 10 percent rule. If you want to increase your distance, do so by no more than 10 percent each week. Create a training plan that allows you to follow this gradual increase and allows plenty of recovery time between longer runs.

Get more tips

For more insight on injury prevention in Las Vegas, NV, contact Bernard Ong, M.D. Our services include orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, arthroscopy, meniscus surgery, ACL surgery, knee replacement and more. By meeting with a sole practitioner, you know you are getting the highest level of personalized care from Dr. Ong. Call today for more running tips in Las Vegas, NV or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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