Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopedics

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Musculoskeletal injuries are so common that they are considered a top global health concern. These painful, incapacitating and ongoing conditions limit people’s lives each and every day. That is why the orthopedics field has tremendous hopes for stem cell treatment in Las Vegas, NV. This form of treatment could unlock untold cures and remedies to a number of orthopedic issues.

What are stem cells?

Our bodies are made up of dozens of different and specific types of cells. These cells are all created from stem cells. A stem cell is a cell in its most basic form that can change into any other form of specialized cell found in the body.

Stem cell therapy in Las Vegas, NV consists of extracting stem cells from your bone marrow because this spongy tissue contains the highest concentration of this miraculous material. Those cells are then injected in the target portion of the body that needs treatment or therapy. Believe it or not, stem cells actually have the ability to transform themselves into a number of specialized cells that your body requires to repair any damage it might have sustained.

How are stem cells used in orthopedics?

In the process of undergoing change, stem cells become progenitor cells. Once this has taken place, cells with specialized functions are created. These include brain cells, bone, tissue and cartilage. Since most musculoskeletal injuries involve tendons, ligaments, bone, cartilage and the meniscus, progenitor cells are an extremely effective way to rebuild these damaged components.

The benefits of using stem cells for orthopedic treatment

The growth of orthopedic stem cell treatment in Las Vegas, NV has increased significantly over the past two decades. Researchers and doctors are regularly learning more about how to most effectively harness the healing power of stem cells for various orthopedic therapy and treatment options.

The human body is truly a wonder. It is within our very own bodies that we have the ability to naturally heal ourselves with the help of stem cell treatment in Las Vegas, NV. There are major benefits to pursuing stem cell options for your orthopedic conditions:

  • A natural method of healing: Stem cells grow naturally in your body. Using stem cell therapy in Las Vegas, NV is a natural way to address orthopedic problems that leave you with decreased mobility and lots of discomfort.
  • No side effects: Every medication manufactured in this world has a side effect. But stem cells are your own—there are no negative side effects to treating issues with your own stem cells.
  • Very safe: Created in your own body with no side effects, treatment and therapy with stem cells is considered very safe. Stem cells will actually prevent infection and reduce complication risks.
  • Treat long-term conditions: Most doctors will want to operate to repair long-term orthopedic problems. However, there’s no guarantee that this invasive and dangerous procedure will yield positive results. Therapy with stem cells does not require an operation and has a considerably lower risk level.

If you are interested in learning how orthopedic stem cell treatment in Las Vegas, NV might help you or a loved one, get in touch with our office now. For over a decade, Bernard Ong, M.D. has provided much-needed relief and recovery to those suffering from orthopedic injuries. Contact us now!

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