What Happens if a Torn Rotator Cuff Goes Untreated?

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A lot of people think that rotator cuff injuries are mostly a problem for athletes. Unfortunately, anyone can get a rotator cuff injury, which means that if you ignore the early signs that you have a problem, you may be setting yourself up for chronic pain or more severe injuries later on down the road.

If you think you have a torn rotator cuff in Las Vegas, NV, it’s important to see a doctor at once. Read on to learn more about rotator cuffs and treatment.

What is a rotator cuff and what does it do?

The rotator cuff (commonly misheard as “rotator cup”) is a series of muscles and tendons in your shoulder joint. It is one of the most complex joints in the human body: four muscles and tendons connect your upper arm bone (the humerus) to the ball joint. Ideally, your shoulder should have a full range of motion in every direction—that’s a sign of a healthy and functioning rotator cuff.

If you have trouble moving your arm in one direction or another, that’s a sign you could be dealing with a torn rotator cuff.

How do rotator cuff injuries occur?

You don’t have to be a major league pitcher to injure your rotator cuff. Even the occasional game of tennis or lifting and reaching heavy objects for your job can lead to an injury. Sudden blows to your shoulder or arm can also cause rotator cuff pain. However, being over 40 or having weakened shoulder muscles due to a lack of activity can also lead to injuries and pain.

The early signs of a rotator cuff injury include pain when lying down, especially on the affected shoulder, or when you lift your arm. Your arm might be weak, or you may hear crackling noises when you move your shoulder.

What happens if my torn rotator cuff goes untreated?

When you leave your torn rotator cuff untreated, you’re risking a severely limited range of motion in the coming years. You might not be able to lift your arms or objects—some doctors have seen patients who aren’t even able to feed themselves or comb their hair thanks to the pain from a torn rotator cuff.

What is the treatment like?

Some patients assume that a torn rotator cuff always involves surgery, which is why they put off treatment. However, anti-inflammatory treatments and physical therapy have also been effective forms of rotator cuff treatment in Las Vegas, NV. Seeking treatment right away lessens the chances that you’ll have to pursue more invasive therapies or surgery.

If you have shoulder pain, you may have a torn rotator cuff. Don’t risk the pain and suffering worsening over time. See a doctor as soon as possible in order to address the issue and lessen its severity or heal it entirely, without surgery.

For your rotator cuff treatment, Bernard Ong, M.D. is here to help. Get in touch with his office today to schedule an appointment and begin the treatment process.

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