Should I Wear a Knee Brace After ACL Surgery?

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Injuring your knee’s ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, often requires surgery to restore it to its original condition—or as close to it as modern medicine can get. This ligament is one of four located in the knee.

After ACL surgery in Las Vegas, NV, some patients receive a knee brace, while others may not. If you didn’t get a knee brace, should you have? Do you need one to facilitate your recovery? Will it harm you if you don’t? These are all common questions that ACL surgical patients have; read on to learn more about why braces are used and whether you might need one.

What does the knee brace do?

You can expect about an eight- to 10-week recovery process after your ACL surgery, in which the torn ACL and the surgical graft will heal. The joint needs to be treated carefully, avoiding jarring motions and blows to the graft, which could cause it to rupture.

Knee braces in Las Vegas, NV are designed to address this issue, restricting the range of motion in your knee and stabilizing it, which allows the knee to heal properly. However, medical opinion varies on whether you need a knee brace (or if it even has enough beneficial effects to be worth purchasing).

Do I need a knee brace?

Generally, there doesn’t seem to be a clear difference between ACL surgical patients who use a knee brace and those who do not, at least according to current studies. If you receive a knee brace after your surgery, it’s probably due to your surgeon’s preference, not because there’s a major difference between patients who use them and patients who do not.

Generally, a knee brace will allow your joint to rest and restrict the range of motion a bit so you don’t exert too much force, and if you slip and fall, it may protect you. On the other hand, it might restrict your normal knee movements and tend to be uncomfortable. (If you can’t walk around in it, you are actually more likely to slip and fall.)

Typically, athletes who plan to go back into intense sports within a year of the procedure will wear a knee brace after ACL surgery in Las Vegas, NV. If that’s not your situation, you can discuss the pros and cons with your doctor and surgeon.

How do I choose a knee brace?

If a knee brace still sounds like a good idea to you, and your surgeon doesn’t think it will impede your healing, getting the right fit is important. Don’t get an over-the-counter brace, as an ill fit can harm more than it helps. Have your surgeon prescribe a specific knee brace and work with you to make sure that it fits properly. This will ensure your knee has plenty of support.

Have you suffered an ACL injury? Bernard Ong, M.D. specializes in ACL surgery in Las Vegas, NV. Call today to schedule an appointment, and make sure to ask if a knee brace is right for you.

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