Why Are Achilles Tendon Injuries So Common Among Athletes?

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From injured rotator cuffs to torn ACLs, injuries are common among athletes, regardless of their sport. It might not get as much coverage on “SportsCenter,” but an Achilles tendon injury in Las Vegas, NV is one of the most common injuries doctors treat when working with athletes.

The Achilles tendon is located just above your heel and connects two calf muscles to your heel. It’s vital for push-off strength for pivoting, walking and running. As you can imagine, our Achilles tendons are put under a lot of stress during physical activities, especially in sports like tennis, basketball, soccer and other activities that involve quick pivoting movements or a lot of running.

What causes an Achilles injury?

There are a few different ways an Achilles tendon can be injured. Sudden stress to the tendon can cause it to rupture, which often causes the athlete to fall to the ground. Small, continuous stress on the tendon can also cause the Achilles to tear. Overuse of the tendon is why 10 percent of runners report needing Achilles tendon repair in Las Vegas, NV at some point in their life.

How is an Achilles tendon injury treated?

Depending on the severity of the injury, patients may or may not need to have surgery. If surgery is necessary, the surgeon will sew the damaged tendon back together and possibly use another tendon to strengthen the damaged Achilles. In cases where surgery is not needed, doctors give patients a walking boot to wear for six to eight weeks. The positioning of the boot will be changed every few weeks to strengthen the tendon back to health.

Regardless of whether the Achilles tendon injury in Las Vegas, NV requires surgery, patients will still need to have physical therapy to fully recover. In the beginning, physical therapy will help to reduce pain and swelling and ensure the patient’s ankle has full range of motion. Proper physical therapy will also reduce the risk of reinjuring the Achilles in the future.

Reduce your risk of an Achilles tendon injury

The only good news regarding Achilles injuries is that they can be prevented by following some simple tips! First, be sure to stretch your calf muscles before engaging in any physical activity. Stretching will prepare your tendon for the upcoming stress during your workout or game. You’ll also want to vary your exercises. We recommend alternating your high-intensity workouts, like running, with low-impact activities like biking or swimming. When you do go on a run, try to avoid running on hard or slippery surfaces, as those will increase the risk of injuring your Achilles.

Choose Dr. Ong if you have an injured Achilles tendon

When it comes to treating orthopedic injuries, nobody is better than Bernard Ong, M.D.! With board certifications in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine, you know you’re in good hands. Whether you need Achilles tendon repair in Las Vegas, NV or treatment for another injury, contact our team today to set up an appointment. We look forward to meeting with you.

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