New Year’s Resolutions for Better Joint and Bone Health

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Let’s face it, not many people in Las Vegas, NV are sad to say goodbye to 2020. A new year brings the promise of a clean slate and better times ahead, even while we are still in the midst of a pandemic.

While you probably have a lot of other concerns heading into 2021, you should still consider some of the resolutions you can make this year to improve your joint and bone health, especially if you’re recovering from an injury or dealing with a joint condition.

Here are just a few examples of some joint health tips you can turn into New Year’s resolutions for 2021.

Resolve to get moving

Incorporate movement into your daily life in Las Vegas, NV as much as possible. As you may have heard, “sitting is the new smoking,” and a sedentary lifestyle can be extremely detrimental both to heart health and bone and joint health.

Weight-bearing exercise is crucial for ensuring good bone density, and you should find activities and exercises that engage your joints as well to keep tendons and ligaments in good shape to support your joints. Some activities you might consider include walking, dancing, biking, yoga, running or tennis. Just pick something you enjoy that you know you’ll actually do and will want to make a regular part of your life.

Resolve to get more vitamin D

There’s a reason why we make our children drink milk at every meal—it’s an outstanding source of calcium and vitamin D, which are crucial for maintaining good bone health and density. While you don’t necessarily need to drink milk with every meal, you should make sure to incorporate vitamin D into your diet. Great foods to help with this include leafy green vegetables, certain types of nuts, salmon, sardines, fortified dairy products like yogurt and cheese, eggs and certain types of mushrooms.

Resolve to do something about aches and pains

If you’ve been experiencing aches and pains in your bones or joints, then you shouldn’t delay any longer in getting medical attention. While it’s understandable to want to avoid the hassle (and potential expense) of a doctor visit or physical therapy, it’s not worth sacrificing your long-term health and wellness. Ignoring the problem will almost never result in it getting better.

Common sources for aches and pains include the shoulders, hips and knees. If you notice some stiffness or soreness in one of these areas, seeing a specialist can help you learn some strategies for reducing pain or inflammation and getting over those aches and pains in the long run.

This year doesn’t have to be a year full of aches, pains and joint issues. Instead, you can resolve to take some simple steps to improve your skeletal health throughout the coming year, and be comfortable and content.

To learn more about steps you can take to improve your bone health this year and to get some important bone health tips in Las Vegas, NV, we encourage you to contact the office of Bernard Ong, M.D. today to schedule an appointment with an orthopedist.

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