Five Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries

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Whether you’re a professional athlete living in Las Vegas, NV or you just enjoy staying active, sports injury prevention should be a top priority when working out and playing sports. No one wants to disrupt their workout routine or game schedule with an injury, let along suffer chronic, painful consequences from an accident. Here are some important injury prevention tips that will help keep you safe and active.

Be prepared

This goes for everything from having the right gear to being in good shape for the activities in which you’ll be engaging. Make sure you wear all of the proper protective pads, helmets, mouth guards, gloves and any other gear recommended for your sport. It may not always seem necessary, but accidents happen. A casual pickup game is not worth a serious injury—just put on the helmet. Even wearing the wrong shoes can cause sports injuries, so it’s best to follow these injury prevention tips and be prepared with the right gear.

The same goes for proper training. You wouldn’t hop on the Appalachian Trail without training for it—don’t jump on a basketball court and think you’ll be able to slam dunk without working up to it.

Warm up

Warmed-up muscles are less likely to be injured. Be sure to incorporate a warmup routine before playing any sport. It will improve your mobility and flexibility, as well as reducing the risk of pulling a stiff muscle or ending up injured.

Know your limits

Don’t push yourself past a reasonable point. Especially if you’re already tired or suffering from a previous injury, it’s always better to listen to what your body is telling you and back off having worked out less than you planned than to go home with a slipped disc or injured muscle. It’s tempting to listen to the “no pain, no gain” workout culture when you’re playing sports, but pain is a message your body sends you for a reason.

Rest and recover

If you have a rigorous training schedule, make sure to include a day of rest and recovery. Athletes who train too many days in a row are more likely to suffer from sports injuries. Your body needs rest to operate at its best. This is especially true when recovering from an injury you’ve already sustained.

Don’t put off treatment

Even if you follow all of these sports injury prevention tips in Las Vegas, NV, chances are you’re going to suffer from a sports injury at some point in your life. Don’t let a minor sports injury become a debilitating, painful problem. Address the problem with help from a trainer or physical therapist, or for more serious issues, consult a sports medicine expert.

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