Five Easy Ways to Help Relieve Shoulder Pain

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For those who are looking for shoulder pain relief, it may at first seem like nothing helps. You might wake up with an ache that devolves into a throbbing, intense pain through the course of the day.

Shoulder pain has a range of causes. However, you should know that there are plenty of simple ways to help shoulder pain. Read on to find out the leading ways to work out that tension and heal your shoulder.

The leading causes of shoulder pain

First let’s look at why your shoulder is hurting in the first place. One of the leading causes of shoulder pain is rotator cuff issues. This muscle group holds the ball-and-socket shoulder joint together. It also is instrumental in shoulder movement. When these muscles are irritated, it can result in tendonitis.

Rotator cuff and other shoulder pain is often a result of poor posture while sitting, a sedentary lifestyle or a poor sleeping position. This results in both muscle strain and stress, which then result in shoulder pain.

Try over-the-counter medications

To treat common aches and pains, over-the-counter remedies like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications can often do the trick. This includes Advil, ibuprofen and Aleve. You should consult your doctor first before using these to get a handle on what dosage will work best for you.


Often, the culprit is tight muscles. Try tilting your head to one side and dropping the opposite shoulder, then holding for 30 seconds. Repeat on the opposite side. The stretch shouldn’t hurt but should produce “a good pain,” which is your body telling you that the tension is being released.

Apply heat or ice to alleviate the pain

Take a hot shower, and be sure the water is hitting right where it hurts. Stay there for about five to 10 minutes to work out the kinks in your shoulder. This is especially a good solution for mild pain resulting from an awkward sleeping position. You can also use a heat pack and apply it to the affected area.

Sometimes, pain responds better to ice than heat. Put an ice pack inside a pillowcase, and apply it to your shoulder for ten minutes. Note that ice shouldn’t be placed in direct contact with the skin for an extended period.


Have a family member knead your sore muscles, or go to a professional for a more targeted experience. You can also use a tennis ball or therapy ball: Lie down with the ball located where it hurts. Now roll back and forth on the ball, thereby applying pressure to the trigger point.

If you’re looking for shoulder pain relief, hopefully some of these tips will help. You may also want to book a consultation with Bernard Ong, M.D. As an expert in the industry with extensive experience, Dr. Bernard Ong is the premier orthopedic surgeon. We offer services including orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, arthroscopy, meniscus surgery, ACL surgery, knee replacement and more. Call today for more information or to book your first appointment!

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