Common Hand and Wrist Injuries Sustained During Sports

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Whether it’s during a round of golf or an intense football game, hand and wrist injuries can occur at any time and account for a quarter of all sports injuries.

If you’re an athlete concerned about hand or wrist injuries in sports, keep reading. This post will cover a few of the most common injuries.

Jammed finger

If the sport involves direct contact with a ball or other players, jammed fingers are bound to occur. These acute injuries are caused by striking the end of a finger when it’s fully extended. Some symptoms include difficulty bending the jammed finger, tenderness and swelling.

The best treatments are ice and rest—but if you need to get back on the field, you can tape it to an adjacent finger for added support.

Scaphoid fracture

Athletes involved in contact sports are commonly afflicted by a scaphoid fracture—a break in one of the wrist’s small bones. These fractures occur when players fall onto an outstretched hand and put all of their weight onto their palm. Players may notice tenderness and swelling just below the base of the thumb, and the pain will increase with movement.

Treatment varies greatly depending on how severe these wrist injuries in sports are. Some can be addressed by placing the wrist in a splint, while other injuries require surgery to correct.

Skier’s thumb

It’s called skier’s thumb because it’s commonly sustained by skiers, but this injury can happen to any athlete. This injury occurs when the thumb is bent back the wrong way, causing a ligament tear. Pain and tenderness at the base of the thumb and difficulty grasping objects are the most common symptoms of this injury.

Doctors can treat partial tears with a splint or cast; however, full tears often require surgery to correct.

Wrist ligament tear

Wrist ligaments and wrist cartilage can be torn due to acute trauma or overuse. This injury is common when athletes fall hard on an outstretched arm, but it can also occur over time from repetitive stress and movement. Pain and swelling, which increase with movement, are the most common symptoms. If it’s an acute injury, the wrist may also be bruised.

Like other tears, treatment depends on the injury’s severity. A cast or splint can be a treatment method for minor tears, but significant damage can only be treated with surgery.

Preventing wrist and hand injuries in sports

Freak accidents can’t always be avoided, but wearing wrist guards, gloves and sports tape go a long way in preventing traumatic hand or wrist injuries. You can also help prevent sudden injuries by stretching before practicing or playing your sport.

Be sure to schedule an appointment with Bernard Ong, M.D. if you’re afflicted by one or more of these hand injuries commonly incurred during sports. With years of expertise in sports medicine, Dr. Ong can quickly diagnose the injury and develop a treatment plan. Get in touch with us today to make an appointment to get back out on the court or field.

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