Effective & Natural Ways to Relieve Arthritis Pain

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Living with arthritis can be challenging. There are various medications to treat arthritis symptoms. However, some medicines have severe side effects such as increased heart attack, weight gain, diabetes, etc. Luckily there are practical and natural treatments for arthritis to improve your quality of life. So if you are wondering, “How to relieve my arthritis naturally,” try these methods today!

Get Moving

Although arthritis causes extreme joint and muscle pain — you must continue to move your body. Begin a routine of the morning, afternoon, and night stretches. If you sit at a desk for work, incorporate small exercises but get up and move around the office every 15 or 20 minutes. Moving improves joint and muscle strength, so minimize your pain experience by continuing to get moving.

Water Exercises

Water is one of the best exercise methods when you live with arthritis. Water aerobics is kind to the joints and muscles due to its low-intensity workout. You feel lighter in the water, allowing you to move your joints more freely. A routine trip to the community center or a dip in your pool can greatly treat the pain of arthritis. The effects of water aerobics are short term, so you must continue to make this type of exercise consistent with your lifestyle to obtain its full results.


Yoga is a great option to help with inflammation caused by arthritis. You do not need to be a yoga master to receive the many benefits of this ancient Indian practice. Gentle and straightforward techniques are taught to those who seek yoga as a treatment. Poses such as forward bends, balancing, and lying positions significantly benefit arthritis pain. Also, yoga is a great way to reduce stress and increase positing thinking. Meditation is a huge component of yoga and helps create a sense of calm which is helpful during the stresses of arthritis pain.

Stress Relief

Stress relief is a big part of physical and mental wellness. Sometimes our mental states prevent us from exercising, feeling good, or enjoying life. Make sure you take the time to relieve stress actively. Thankfully, your body will reduce stress as you continue to move around, so exercise is a great motivation to lower your stress levels. However, if you feel too stressed to get up and move, other methods include meditation, breathing exercises, and positive thinking. Be sure to actively take care of yourself mentally to improve your physical health.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Sometimes you need quick relief. Even at the start of exercise, you begin to feel pain until you continue to move your body. Hot and cold therapy can help you find relief fast. It helps circulate the blood within your system and loosen stiff joints. Alternatively, the treatment feels good on the skin and relaxes you mentally and physically. You can use hot and cold therapy throughout the day but include it in the morning and night to reduce pain quickly.

Try out these natural ways to relieve arthritis pain. Arthritis does not get to control how you function every day. You can reduce the pain and symptoms by sticking to a routine. You can continue to live your life to the fullest while improving your quality of life.

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