Rotator Cuff Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

painful rotator cuff

Rotator cuff injuries are a fairly common shoulder condition with varying degrees of severity, the most severe of which require rotator cuff surgery. Dr. Ong specializes in rotator cuff repair surgery and has treated patients throughout Las Vegas, NV suffering from this debilitating injury.

With a background in sports medicine and intimate familiarity with tendon and ligament tears and strains, Dr. Ong is uniquely positioned to evaluate the severity of rotator cuff injuries and prescribe the right approach to resolving them.

Do You Need Rotator Cuff Surgery?

woman in gym clothes with a sore rotator cuffThe severity of a rotator cuff issue is determined by the extent of damage to the tendon. Rotator cuff injuries generally stem from repetitious action, which is why they’re common in athletes and laborers. Symptoms include pain or weakness in the shoulder, limited range of motion, crepitus (cracking) during shoulder rotation and general discomfort.

drawing of a rotator cuff

Las Vegas, NV patients with rotator cuff injuries undergo a battery of range of motion (ROM) tests and palpation assessments to determine the right treatment. For severe cases, where the tendons are completely detached from the bone, rotator cuff repair is recommended. For less-severe cases, rehabilitative healing and physical therapy are often prescribed.

Procedure Basics

The surgical procedure for rotator cuff in minimally invasive, thanks to modern techniques and practices. An incision is made at the shoulder, to allow access to the damaged tendons.

Dr. Ong reattaches the severed tendons to the bone using suture anchors, which are made of either metal or a material that slowly dissolves over time. Sutures are attached to these anchors, tying the tendon back to the bone where it’s allowed to properly heal.

The entire process takes just a couple of hours, and there’s rest and rehabilitation prescribed after the fact. Rotator cuff repair surgery has a high success rate and minimal risk of complications.

Visit a Rotator Cuff Specialist

If you believe you have rotator cuff damage or have been referred by your primary physician to a specialist, contact Dr. Ong today at 702-796-7979 to discuss rotator cuff surgery. Dr. Ong is the rotator cuff specialist Las Vegas, NV patients trust for experienced assessment and repair.