ACL Surgery in Las Vegas NV

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ACL injuries are commonly associated with athletics, however anyone can suffer from them and they’re equally as debilitating. Dr. Ong is the Las Vegas, NV specialist patients trust when they need ACL surgery to repair their damaged ligament. Thanks to his many years as a sports physician and experience with this procedure, Dr. Ong is a well-established authority on ACL repair.

With a background in sports medicine and intimate familiarity with tendon and ligament tears and strains, Dr. Ong is uniquely positioned to evaluate the severity of rotator cuff injuries and prescribe the right approach to resolving them.

Do You Need ACL Repair?

acl repairDamage to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is generally acute, occurring when there’s simultaneous flexing and twisting at the knee. Often, it occurs when athletes plant their foot and pivot, however it can occur with any twisting stress to the knee. The ACL—which connects the shinbone to the thighbone—ruptures, causing immediate pain, rapid swelling, loss of motion and the inability to support weight.

Individuals suffering ACL damage will often hear a sharp “pop” and feel a protracted sensation in the knee, followed by immediate pain. The injury is severe enough to warrant immediate medical attention, and a physician will likely be able to quickly diagnose an ACL tear or sprain with high accuracy. Las Vegas, NV patients suffering complete or partial ACL tears are referred to a specialist for repair.

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Procedure Basics

ACL surgeries are minimally invasive thanks to modern technology. Small incisions are made at the knee, allowing Dr. Ong to remove the damaged ligament. Once removed, the ligament is replaced with a segment of tendon from another part of the knee. The tendon is anchored to the thighbone and the shinbone, where it serves as “scaffolding” for new ligament tissue to grow.

ACL repair surgery generally takes just a couple of hours to complete, followed by six to nine months of recovery time. Physical rehabilitation is an instrumental part of the process, tailored to every individual’s post-surgical recovery rate and ability.

Consult with an ACL specialist

Dr. Ong has performed countless ACL repair procedures for residents throughout Las Vegas, NV. If you’ve been diagnosed with ACL damage or have been referred to a specialist for further action, don’t wait to schedule a consultation at 702-796-7979.