How People Sustain Injuries Requiring ACL Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

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Your anterior cruciate ligament, also known as the ACL, is one of the four primary ligaments found in the knee. Its job is to prevent too much forward movement of your shin on the thighbone and control your knee during rotating or twisting movements. Although ACL injuries are common, there are actually some people who have no idea how they are sustained, which means they can’t make the effort to avoid them.

When people need ACL surgery in Las Vegas, NV, they should know how people sustain ACL injuries, as well as what could have caused their own injury:

  • Direct hit: Many of the high-impact sports people play puts them at risk of being hit, whether it is by another player or by the equipment being used. In some cases, it is when a person is directly hit on their knee that they tear their ACL. Being tackle or shoved too hard are great examples of this. Although many ACL tears are not the result of a direct hit, this doesn’t mean that people don’t get injured this way.
  • Running: Most of the people who sustain ACL injuries, specifically tears, play high-impact sports. For example, football, soccer and basketball are all considered high-impact sports because of the constant wear on weight-bearing joints. When playing these sports, people are running, which is one way to cause a tear because running constantly puts weight on your knees, feet and other parts of the body that may not be able to handle it.
  • Hyperextension of the knee: In high-impact sports, you will be using your knees a lot, which means it can be quite easy to hyperextend them. When a person hyperextends their knee, they have basically pushed it far beyond its normal range of motion. One common occurrence is when a basketball player or soccer player comes down after jumping. They tend to hyperextend their knee, and as a result, tear their ACL.
  • Quick change in direction: In basketball, soccer and many other sports, while you are running or even just standing in place, there will be times when you quickly change directions. It could be during one of these times that you injured your ACL, because too quick of a turn or change in direction can tear this ligament. In many of these instances, your body’s full weight will be on your knee, and when you turn, it will twist your bones in the opposite direction.

There are thousands of ACL injuries that occur every year due to various causes. Anyone can injure their ACL, but it is definitely more common among athletes. Whether you play a low-impact or high-impact sport, it is important to be careful with your movements if you want to prevent an ACL injury. Should you sustain one, it would be wise to speak to a medical professional as soon as possible so your injury can be properly treated and recovery can begin.

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