August 4, 2023

"Dr Ong is a phenomenal surgeon. Dr. Ong had performed total knee replacements for both of my knees. My knees were bone on bone and made my everyday routine miserable. I’m 61 years old and there are times lately that I feel like I’m 25 again because I don’t feel any pain at my knees and have excellent mobility. Dr Ong’s staff is exceptional and very welcoming. I’m grateful that I had chosen such an excellent surgeon. I would highly recommend Dr. Ong."
June 1, 2023

"Dr Ong is The Best! He is knowledgeable and has great expertise. I had total knee replacement in Oct and I'm doing great! The PTs said the incision was..."
April 10, 2023

"Exceptional customer service. Doctor bernard is The best second to none!!!"
April 6, 2023

"Not that I like being injured, but when it happens, I’m always happy to go back to Dr. Ong and his office staff. I have had multiple surgeries done by Dr. Ong and every single one has been an amazing outcome. His staff is always on top of things and polite."
April 3, 2023

"Dr. ong and his staff are wonderful. I have had multiple surgeries over the yrs and had quick recoveries from all. I trust him and his office. I would highly recommend him"