Five Signs of a Rotator Cuff Injury in Las Vegas, NV

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Many of us have experienced shoulder pain at some point, either from slamming into a doorframe, sleeping on it in a weird way or due to poor posture at the desk. Sure, these things can cause some pain and discomfort, but not usually to the point of debilitation and total agony—such as after sustaining a rotator cuff tear from playing a sport, falling down hard or performing a physically exhausting job. A rotator cuff injury can happen suddenly or, more likely, over time from repeating the same arm motion over time.

So you don’t confuse minor shoulder pain with a serious problem, let’s review a few of the signs of a rotator cuff injury in Las Vegas, NV:

  • Shoulder and arm pain: Not being able to comfortably rotate your shoulder is a top sign of a rotator cuff tear. Moving it in any direction shoots horrible pain through your shoulder and arm. However, tears of this sort are usually located on the outside of the upper arm and shoulder. You’ll also have a difficult time raising your arm above your head, nighttime pain is common and a more severe rotator cuff tear might be so painful that you miss out on sleep.
  • Decreased strength: Although you are able to tell for yourself that your arm is not as strong as it used to be, your doctor will administer specialized tests to confirm. They test the strength of the rotator cuff tendons by isolating one tendon at a time—this is the best way to determine the severity of the tear. Along with not being able to raise your arm above your head is the inability to hold the hurt arm directly up and out to the side of the body.
  • Arm clicks or pops: Sometimes, a torn rotator cuff is not obvious—for instance, you might only experience a dull pain from time to time or random sharp shoulder pain. Other times, you may hear clicking or popping when you move your arm. You should have the lingering shoulder pain and abnormal sounds diagnosed to avoid more serious injury later.
  • Difficulty performing normal tasks: One of the first things people with a rotator cuff injury in Las Vegas, NV may notice is the inability to perform normal and simple daily tasks for fear of pain. Such activities include reaching up to comb their hair, lifting items, reaching back to clasp on or take off a bra and sleeping on the affected shoulder. Limited movement due to pain calls for a doctor visit.
  • Test results show an injury: Along with a physical test, torn rotator cuffs are determined through specific tests—like MRIs, ultrasounds and arthrograms. MRIs are particularly helpful in identifying complete tears as well as partial tears. These tests can also bring to light other common shoulder problems.

In some cases, this type of injury is easy to overlook—especially if you’ve never torn these muscles before. If you recognize any of the above signs, and you suspect you have suffered a rotator cuff injury in Las Vegas, NV, pick up the phone and call Bernard Ong, M.D. We will schedule an appointment for a thorough, professional consultation as soon as possible.

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