Four Good Reasons to Seek an Expert in Sports Medicine in Las Vegas, NV

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When you spike a fever, ache all over and can’t stop coughing and sneezing, you make an appointment to see your general practitioner. The reason you called your family doctor is because it’s likely you have a cold or the flu, and you know the doctor is knowledgeable in this department. For the same reason, when you suffer an injury while playing sports, you want to visit a doctor trained in sports medicine. This branch of medicine is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of injuries sustained during sports activities or exercise.

Does it really matter what type of doctor you choose to see for a sports related injury? Absolutely! Here are a few good reasons to seek the opinion of an expert in sports medicine in Las Vegas, NV:

  • Specialized care: Whether your injury happened playing recreational tennis or high school football, your body got injured while participating in a sport. So, if you want to get back to normal sooner, you must go to a sports medicine professional, where you’ll receive medical care specifically geared toward athletes. This means specialized diagnoses, treatments, surgeries, medications, performance care and follow-up care. In short, sports medicine is the most efficient way to get better.
  • Communication and organization: It’s not uncommon for there to be a lack of communication within the busy healthcare system. Not only can communication break down between healthcare professionals, but between doctors and their patients as well. To avoid having to deal with such chaos when in pain from a sports injury, make sure you visit a sports medicine practice. This is a team of professionals that works together and spends all or most of its time on sports medicine, which equals better case-by-case communication and organization.
  • Faster recovery time: Good communication within a sports medicine team also means a faster recovery time, because after you see your doctor, they will refer you to a surgeon and/or a physical therapist. To ensure no further damage, referrals are made quickly but without compromising proper diagnosis. A quick recovery is especially crucial for professional sports players and those on high school or college teams who need to practice before the season starts. So, after surgery, you are sent to a sports medicine physical therapist, who will help you regain and build back your strength.
  • Individualized transition strategies: As you now know, a sports medicine expert focuses on injuries sustained while playing a sport. They don’t stop assisting you after the consultation, or following surgery; in fact, they take part in creating individualized transition plans for patients. Personalized strategies like these are typical for athletes needing a hand going from surgery recovery to physical therapy to getting back to practice. For example, you might need your practice drills modified to accommodate your injury, so as to avoid hindering your recovery.

It’s critical that you receive a proper sports injury diagnosis immediately. This can be done when you go through an experienced doctor who practices sports medicine in Las Vegas, NV. Contact the office of Bernard Ong, M.D. today to schedule an appointment!

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