What to Expect After Knee Surgery

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Whenever we discuss the option of knee surgery in Las Vegas, NV with any of our patients, they always seem more concerned about what happens after the surgery rather than the procedure itself. When can I go back to work? How long do I have to wait to be discharged? Will I be able to do things for myself right away?

We understand our patients’ concerns, and although we can assure you that the procedure is safe and the recovery is tailored to have you back to normal activities as soon as possible, that doesn’t mean that you won’t still have questions. To help you prepare, and to give you some peace of mind, here’s an overview of the different stages of recovery and what to expect after knee surgery in Las Vegas, NV:

Post-surgery: The first 24 hours

Recovery is something that begins immediately post-surgery. We’ll start working with you to rebuild your mobility almost as soon as you are fully awake. We’ll start by having you do a few exercises and then some activities, such as sitting on the edge of the bed, taking a few steps and doing a few daily living activities, such as getting dressed or using the bathroom.

Discharge: The third day

Most patients are discharged on day three. By this time, we will have worked with you to do daily exercises to help rebuild strength and mobility in your knee. We also will have helped you with daily activities such as getting around using assistance (walker or crutches), being able to accomplish self-care tasks, going up and down stairs and having achieved a 70- to 90-degree flexion. Although not everyone is able to be discharged by day three, most patients have reached a level of mobility at this point that allows us to feel comfortable discharging them.

Recovery: The next three weeks

During the next three weeks, you will be following a daily exercise routine to help you slowly buildup strength and mobility. You should be able to move around your home with little assistance and do most of your daily activities. The need for pain management should be at a minimum.

Back to normal: Weeks 4 thru 6

Although reaching a stage of being able to return to all your favorite activities, such as running or vigorous exercise, is still a few weeks away, by weeks 4 thru 6, you should feel pretty much back to normal. Most people can start driving again, return to work and get back to doing their regular daily activities around their home.

The whole road to recovery typically takes about 12 weeks, but most of the rehabilitation and post-surgery appointments occur within the first 6 weeks. Keep in mind that everyone’s journey to recovery is different, but this is what you can expect after knee surgery. If you have any additional questions about our procedure for knee surgery in Las Vegas, NV and our post-operation care plan, give Bernard Ong, M.D. a call or schedule an appointment today!

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