Questions to Ask Before Having Arthroscopic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV Performed on Your Knee

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Medicine continues to evolve and progress by leaps and bounds over time. There are new medical procedures and surgical techniques being developed all the time by doctors and other medical professionals. One such technique is a less invasive form of surgery called arthroscopic surgery. In this technique, damage in a joint is evaluated and addressed by placing a small incision near the joint and inserting a tiny camera that displays an image of what is going on. Doctors can use this technique to get a crystal-clear picture of what’s going on in joints such as those in your knees. It is a fantastic option for people who experience problems with the joints in their knees, but are hesitant to undergo a major surgical procedure.

If you are considering arthroscopic surgery in Las Vegas, NV as a means of treating your knee, ask yourself a few questions to determine whether it’s really the right option for you:

  • Which part of your knee is causing the problem? Arthroscopic surgery is designed to provide a clear image of issues with the soft tissues in your knee that X-rays and other examinations aren’t able to provide. If your pain is based in your bone, it is likely that issues will show up in an X-ray.
  • How much do you know about the pain that you are experiencing? If you are unsure about the specific cause of your pain, arthroscopic surgery is an option that can reveal issues without being too invasive or leaving you with a prolonged period of recovery. Once your orthopedic surgeon investigates the problem with the arthroscope, they can repair the damage with special tools and watch the procedure on the screen.
  • Are there any reasons why you want to avoid more extensive surgeries? You might have concerns about certain aspects of larger surgeries. Whether you are concerned with being under general anesthesia or spending a long time in the hospital post-op, arthroscopic surgery might be a good option for you. The procedure can often be done while the patient is awake by employing a numbing agent, and there isn’t an extensive period of post-op recovery in the hospital. You likely won’t even have to stay overnight!
  • How much time do you have for recovery? Whether it’s a demanding job or a busy home life, some people are concerned about being out of commission after a surgery. The good news is that arthroscopic surgery has a relatively short recovery time. It only takes about a week before the patient is able to return to many of their daily tasks.

To find out more about whether arthroscopic surgery in Las Vegas, NV might be the right option for you, and to learn about the benefits that it can offer, reach out to the office of Bernard Ong, M.D. With years of experience offering orthopedic surgery to address a wide range of ailments and injuries, Dr. Ong has the expertise necessary to treat the issues that you have been experiencing and work with you to offer effective treatment options. We can provide you with more information about arthroscopic surgery and help you decide if it’s a good option for you. Simply call us today to schedule an appointment!

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