What Does a Sports Medicine Doctor in Las Vegas, NV Do?

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An important part of going to medical school is deciding what your specialty is going to be and where you want to complete your residency. This is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience in the area of medicine that interests you, while working under the supervision of an already established doctor.

One such area of the medical field is sports medicine. You may be wondering, what exactly does a sports medicine doctor in Las Vegas, NV actually do? Who receives treatment from these specialists, and what conditions do they treat?

Job description

A sports medicine doctor’s expertise is in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries most commonly associated with athletes at varying levels. Doctors choosing to specialize in sports medicine will train for an additional one to two years in either sports medicine or rehabilitation and the courses that complement the training. Although some only work with athletes, this type of medical doctor can also be employed in the areas of family practice, pediatric, geriatric, internal medicine and more.

Daily routine

Professional sports teams and athletes tend to have a sports medicine doctor at all their games and practices. The doctor’s duties can include maintaining and monitoring the health of players and coaches, caring for injuries during a game and assisting injured players with their rehabilitation. They also keep records of each athlete’s medical history, meaning performing routine weight checks and regular evaluation of muscles, bones and joints.

In a medical office setting, a sports medicine doctor may have a more set routine they follow. They work better on a schedule, seeing patients of all ages throughout the day. Daily tasks include medical exams, bone setting, diagnosing injuries, bandaging up wounds and monitoring the progress of rehabilitation.

Work settings

Aside from working as an assigned doctor for a professional sports team or individual athlete, sports medicine doctors also work for universities, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and health clinics. Other physicians go into private practices, while some find a staff position with the government or a non-profit organization. Additionally, a practicing sports medicine doctor will work closely with other medical professionals—including physical therapists, sports nurses, nutritionists and sports psychologists—to ensure the best care for their patients.

Sports medicine treatment

Do sports medicine doctors only offer treatment to professional athletes? Not at all! Not only do these doctors treat athletes, but also active children, adults who participate in sports as hobbies and even less active elderly individuals living with orthopedic issues.

A sports medicine doctor can treat an array of conditions, whether their patient is an athlete or not—some common conditions include ankle sprains, dislocations, various types of fractures, joint injuries, tendinitis and osteoarthritis. In addition to treating these conditions and injuries, they can also perform surgery if needed.

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