How to Treat ACL Tears

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ACL tears are something we tend to hear a lot about, especially when it comes to athletes. Today, we’re looking into what an ACL tear really means, and what you can do to treat it, including undergoing ACL surgery in Las Vegas, NV.


“ACL” stands for “anterior cruciate ligament,” and is one of the ligaments in the knee that is most commonly torn. If you tend to enjoy “high-risk” sports, which include skiing, soccer, football and basketball, you are more likely to eventually find yourself with a torn ACL.

Although this area of the body is generally durable and meant to withstand regular exercise and extensive use, a sudden turn that bends the body at an unnatural angle, a bad collision and several other types of encounters can result in a tear. Most often, tears occur in non-contact scenarios. Although some studies have indicated that female athletes encounter torn ACLs more frequently than their male counterparts, both men and women can experience an ACL tear.

How it all fits together

Your knee is made to bend, thanks to its hinged-joint design. It is held in place by several ligaments: the medial collateral, lateral collateral, anterior cruciate and posterior cruciate ligaments. The ACL comes over the middle point of your knee, in a diagonal trajectory, and keeps your tibia in place. On top of this is a strong layer of cartilage. All of these components fit together to provide you with a smooth bend and security of all joints and ligaments.

What’s next

If you have an ACL tear, you’ll notice swelling in your knee and a good deal of pain. Your doctor will most likely order an x-ray and perhaps an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan, too. These and further examination will indicate to your physician whether your ACL is torn or intact.

The prognosis

Whether or not ACL surgery is required can depend on several variables. Patients presenting with partially torn ACLs have a good chance of recovery without surgery, provided they take all necessary healing and physical therapy guidelines seriously. Complete healing will take several months at a minimum.

Unfortunately, patients who experience a completely torn ACL will have a much lower success rate without a surgery. Many people will find their ability to pivot and perform as before in sports is impaired, and in very severe cases, patients may even have difficulty with everyday activities like walking and crouching.

The surgical procedure

It might seem intimidating at first, but if you do require ACL surgery in Las Vegas, NV, keep in mind that this procedure will ultimately provide you with your best chance of healing. And when you work with an experienced doctor, you should have a favorable outcome with good recovery time.

There is no one answer for the extent of surgery you will require, because each tear is different, and your procedure depends on how severe the damage is and what other areas of the knee have been affected.

Choose a qualified, experienced doctor who can help you understand your situation, talk you through your results and provide you with the highest quality of surgery and care. To learn more, contact the office of Bernard Ong, M.D. today.

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