Three Low-Impact Exercises for People with Bad Knees

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Knees see a lot of wear and tear over the years. Not only do they support your entire body weight, but they’re also regularly flexing and contracting. This means that it’s exceedingly important to take care of your knees throughout the duration of your life. Knee injuries can be painful, and can substantially alter your overall quality of life.

If you’re suffering from a knee injury or chronic knee pain, you should visit a knee specialist in Las Vegas, NV as soon as possible. They can help you identify the best way to help your body heal, and provide you with exercises that will alleviate your injury.

When suffering from knee pain, it’s still extremely important to stay in shape and continue healthy habits. While it may seem like exercise with a knee injury is nearly impossible, it’s actually quite easy to engage in low-impact exercises that will benefit your overall health.


Swimming is a low-impact workout that packs a number of health benefits and a powerful punch. Swimming allows you to burn a large number of calories, while also reducing strain on your joints, bones and muscles. If you suffer from chronic knee pain, or chronic pain in any part of your body, you should strongly consider developing a good swimming exercise regimen.

There are several different types of exercises you can engage in while swimming. You should develop a swimming routine that allows you to work out several different parts of your body at once.


Rowing is a cardio exercise that promotes heart health and burns calories. Rowing machines target the benefits of exercise exclusively to the upper body, so it’s important to coordinate rowing exercises with other calorie burning practices. Rowing is an excellent form of cardio for patients with a reduced range of motion in their legs, however.

It’s also possible to take the act of rowing outside—rowing teams, and rowing and kayaking in general, are becoming increasingly common forms of exercise in cities throughout the United States. Rowing is an excellent way to participate in team sports, even if you’re suffering from damaged knees.


It may seem counterintuitive that cycling is a desirable exercise for patients suffering from knee damage. However, cycling is an excellent way to exercise while reducing strain on your ankles and knees. Like rowing, cycling can be performed both in a gym setting and outdoors. This makes it ideal for both summer and winter seasons.

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