Common Shoulder Injuries and How to Treat Them

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Shoulder injuries are common, but it is sometimes difficult to tell that you are dealing with an injury initially. You might be sore or tight in your shoulder area, or your shoulder becomes stiff when you try to move it, but it is easy to dismiss these symptoms as normal aches and pains. In actuality, though, you could be dealing with a serious injury that might even require shoulder surgery in Las Vegas, NV. Your local orthopedic surgeon is here to tell you more about some of these common shoulder injuries, and what can be done to treat them:

  • Shoulder dislocation: If your shoulder is rotated too far or is pulled back aggressively, it can be dislodged and popped out of its socket. If this happens, you will feel pain and even potential numbness in the area, and you will need a doctor to pop it back into place.
  • Separation: The acromioclavicular (AC) joint is where the collarbone and shoulder meet. If this area sustains a hard, physical blow from a fall, the ligaments that hold the joint together can tear. You will have to wear a sling to keep your shoulder immobilized while the area heals over time.
  • Fractures: Just like with a shoulder separation, a fracture is caused when you absorb a hit or fall. When this happens, your clavicle or humerus bones could break, which will cause a lot of pain and possible bruising. The damage to these surrounding bones can also cause problems with your shoulder, creating difficulty with normal arm movements and a noticeable sag in the shoulder area. You will have to allow the bones to reset by wearing a cast so the fractures can heal.
  • Shoulder joint tear: If your shoulder feels weak when you try to reach over your head, you could be dealing with a tear in your shoulder’s cartilage. These tears can happen when you fall and land on the joint, or from doing the same motion repetitively. If your shoulder doesn’t improve with heat and ice intervals and rest, your doctor might give you an anti-inflammatory injection.
  • Rotator cuff tearing: The muscles and tendons that move your arm up over your head are collectively known as your rotator cuff. If your rotator cuff is damaged from overuse or begins to deteriorate with age, your shoulder might begin to hurt when you try to lift things. You might also find that your shoulder hurts at night even without excessive activity. If your tear is serious and your condition doesn’t improve after following your doctor’s instructions, surgery might be recommended depending on the severity of the tear.

If you visit the doctor and learn that surgery is the best course of action to deal with your injury, there is no need to worry. Bernard Ong, M.D. has been performing shoulder surgery in Las Vegas, NV for more than a decade, and no matter what your injury might be, you can have confidence that our knowledgeable staff will get you on the road to recovery as soon as you are able. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and take the first step to improving your shoulder’s health.

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