Prevent Sports Injuries with Advice from a Sports Medicine Doctor in Las Vegas, NV

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If you’re an athlete, you depend on your physical performance to push through training and potentially compete at a higher level. If your body is well conditioned, you probably know exactly how far you can push yourself during practice or a competition, but there may come a time when you simply push yourself too far. Athletes often find themselves dealing with sports injuries from intense training or an accident during a competition.

Regardless of the cause, these injuries may leave you unable to participate in sports, and you may lose some of the progress you’ve made during training. Thankfully, these tips from a sports medicine doctor in Las Vegas, NV can help you avoid injuries altogether and ensure a speedy recovery in the event that you do get hurt:

  • Train holistically: Use a training plan that includes cardio, strength training and flexibility training to avoid putting too much strain on a single muscle group. Training for comprehensive health, strength and flexibility will keep your body strong and make you far more resistant to injury.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water before, during and after a workout. Hydration helps you stay alert during a workout and can help promote better form during exercise by keeping your mind focused and engaged.
  • Cool down and stretch: Stretching and cooling down consistently is one of the best ways to prevent injury. Never work out without cooling down and stretching. Stretching helps your muscles relax, repair and develop to promote better athletic performance. Make sure to take time to stretch all of the muscle groups that you used during your workout and hold every stretch for at least 20 seconds. Take it easy during your cool-down and stretching—your stretches should never feel painful.
  • Use quality equipment: Make sure that you work out in shoes that offer plenty of comfort and support. Wear athletic clothing that’s comfortable and not overly restrictive. Make sure that you use athletic equipment that’s safe, and always follow proper instructions for use. You may also benefit from using foam rollers to stretch and massage your muscles after a workout or on a recovery day.
  • Work with a sports medicine doctor: It’s easy to be so focused on reaching your next athletic milestone that you don’t notice signs of a minor sports injury. Seeing a sports medicine doctor in Las Vegas, NV for regular appointments is essential if you are participating in rigorous training. A doctor will be able to evaluate you for minor injuries and advise you about injury recovery and prevention.

The right sports medicine doctor in Las Vegas, NV can help you stay in peak physical condition for training and competition. If you need a physical evaluation to ensure that you are healthy or you are recovering from a sports injury, contact the office of Bernard Ong, M.D. For over a decade, patients have come to our clinic for effective orthopedic surgery and sports medicine that deliver the best possible medical outcomes. Dr. Ong is a knee and shoulder specialist with extensive experience diagnosing and treating a wide range of injuries and conditions. To schedule your first appointment, give us a call today.

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