Recovering from Shoulder Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

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The time following shoulder surgery in Las Vegas, NV can be particularly challenging. You will have to simultaneously manage any pain you might be experiencing while also taking steps to improve the strength in your shoulder so that you can resume your normal daily activities. With a little bit of preparation, maintenance and physical therapy, though, your shoulder will heal and you can again feel like yourself. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind both before and after your surgery so that your path to recovery is successful and goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Advance preparation

In order to make a smooth transition after you are discharged from the hospital and begin reintegrating into your daily routine, you will need to ensure your home is set up to make things as easy as possible. Place the items that you will use every day, such as your toothbrush, dishes and clothes at counter-height level to prevent you from having to reach up and grab them. You should make sure that the clothes you select are easy to put on, and choose shoes that your feet can slide in and out of with ease. Make several meals in advance and store them in your freezer so that you won’t have to worry about cooking, and keep packaged foods that require minimal preparation readily accessible. You should also practice brushing your teeth and bathing with your uninjured arm only, and consider installing a grab bar in the shower if necessary.

Caring for your shoulder

When you first return home, it might be difficult for you to sleep in your bed due to the added discomfort or pain. Try sleeping upright in a recliner or chair and rest your arm on a soft cushion or pillow. You must also monitor your incision’s progress, and change your dressing as prescribed. Once your stiches have been removed, follow your doctor’s instructions on how to rinse the wound.

Physical therapy

One of the most important components of a successful recovery is a physical therapy program. Your physical therapist will give you exercises to complete daily so that you can gradually regain strength in your shoulder. Only do as much as you are able to, and if you become fatigued or sore, take a break to rest. Some stiffness or swelling in your arm and hand is to be expected and is a normal part of the healing process, but if at any time you feel uncomfortable with your exercises, be sure to talk with your physical therapist about your symptoms.

Though it might seem daunting, with the right post-surgery treatment and physical therapy, you can succeed in transitioning back into the life you had before your shoulder surgery in Las Vegas, NV. Whether you had surgery for a sports injury or your shoulder was weakened with overuse, Bernard Ong, M.D. is dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources you need for a speedy and safe recovery. To learn more about life after shoulder surgery, give us a call today.

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