Degenerative Rotator Cuff Tears: What You Need to Know

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Are you at risk of degenerative rotator cuff tears? You might be surprised how many people suffer rotator cuff injury in Las Vegas, NV. Do you know enough about this condition to protect yourself and get the appropriate treatment if needed?

To gain a better understanding of this injury, use the following guide. For additional information on rotator cuff injury in Las Vegas, NV, contact your local orthopedist.

Who Is At Risk

As you age, the likelihood that you will suffer from rotator cuff disease increases. Individuals aged 60 years or older are much more likely to have the condition than those under 40. The percentages grow with each passing decade. Research has revealed that more than one in 10 people in their fifties have a rotator cuff tear, one in five in their sixties have a rotator cuff tear and three in 10 in their seventies have this injury. The size and symptoms of this injury typically increase with time as well.

The Stages of Degenerative Rotator Cuff Disease

Rotator cuff disease has three stages. Stage I involves hemorrhage of the tendon. This occurs in patients younger than 25 years of age. Between ages 25 and 40, patients experience tendinitis and fibrosis of the rotator cuff; this is Stage II. In patients over 40, Stage III occurs, in which the rotator cuff tears.

Treatment Options

The jury is still out on the best solution for rotator cuff injury in Las Vegas, NV. Research results are varied, and no single solution has demonstrated consistent, significant improvement for this condition. The factors that seem to affect symptoms and improvement include size of the tear, muscle atrophy, strength and duration of symptoms. Keeping these factors in mind, there are three generally accepted practices for treating rotator cuff injury in Las Vegas, NV:

  • Physiotherapy: This is the most common conservative management approach to degenerative rotator cuff disease and tears. An orthopedist can recommend appropriate exercises and treatment to carefully work the joints and muscles involved with this disease. This can encourage strengthening and healing and reduce symptoms.
  • Steroid injection: Some patients have experienced relief due to steroid injections; however, there is no solid evidence either for or against this treatment for rotator cuff injury in Las Vegas, NV. Additionally, multiple injections are not recommended.
  • Surgery: Surgical options are available for those who suffer from degenerative rotator cuff conditions. Surgery can offer pain relief and improvement to rotator cuff function. Options include open, mini-open and arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery. Results are often positive, but over one third of surgery patients suffer from a post-op complication.

Learn More

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