April 20, 2017

Best in Las Vegas!

"Dr Ong has treated me for arthro on knee, bone spur on shoulder, no cartilage on knees, so I have lots of experience with this physician. Dr Ong is consistently AVAILABLE to his patients. His diagnoses are well supported with in office X-ray or referral MRI's. He recommends appropriate treatments and does not rush to aggressive treatments unless necessary. He has been accurate in diagnosing me, has a cordial Doctor patient manner, has a very fine staff --from the receptionist to the nurses and techs! I think Dr Ong is the finest physician I have found in Las Vegas and am confident in recommending him."
April 20, 2017


"Dr Ong and staff have been amazing, I had my left shoulder rotor cuff repaired 11//16 and its 100%. I just had another visit to begin the process of repairing my right shoulder. Don't live with pain- see Dr Ong."
April 20, 2017

So thankful!

"I have been coming to see Dr Ong for two knee surgeries after being referred by my primary Doctor. My first appointment was an emergency as I was bedridden after an infection started in my knee after a botched shot at another doctor's office. He also performed surgery on that same knee a few says later. I have since had the other knee repaired by Dr Ong and I am finally able to resume all my previous activities without the use of a walker or cane. Very thankful to Dr Ong."
February 20, 2017

"Dr. Ong operated and fully replaced both of my knees over the last 7 months. Both surgeries were extremely successful. Recovery has gone well and I am happy with my progress. I would and have recommended Dr. Ong to anyone needing joint surgery. All his staff are very helpful and friendly."
February 10, 2017

So happy!

"Better than expected, they have a great staff and Dr. Ong is so good. My knee is fixed!"