March 18, 2020

"Finished my 5 month follow up for my total knee replacement. Wahoo! It's awesome. Dr. Ong is truly one of the best. I've had 4 knee surgeries, prior to my total knee. This is the best. I haven't been able to squat or lunge in over 15 years. Walking up and down stairs...forget about it. Now I can do all that and more. Can you tell I'm excited? I have named my knee, "Bruce Knee" because it is one badass knee. Thanks Dr. Ong! I'm so happy to be able to live my life again."
February 3, 2020

"Dr. Ong is an excellent surgeon and his staff is attentive, friendly and accommodating. I recently had a total knee replacement and I couldn't be more pleased with the process, the follow-ups and the treatment. I'm back up and moving like my old self and it is all due to Dr. Ong and his staff. There are many orthopaedic surgeons to choose from in Las Vegas, but Dr. Ong is the best and if you want the best you go to him!"
January 30, 2020

"Dr. Bernard Ong is fantastic!! I had multiple issues with my shoulder and could barely lift my right arm. As an avid squash player, this was unacceptable. Dr Ong performed surgery, and I could tell within a couple of days that my problems would resolve. Sure enough after about a month of physical therapy, I was back on the squash courts, good as new. Would highly recommend. Thank you Dr. Ong!"
December 30, 2019

"Best doctor and staff ever! I have had the best care for my osteoarthritis and total knee replacement. The staff treats me like family. Clean and modern office. Dr. Ong really takes time to explain procedures and makes sure you understand. Thank you thank you for Dr. Ong and his staff!"
December 4, 2019

"After so many months of pain on my right knee and injections weren’t helping at all I was referred to Dr Bernard Ong for consultation and on May of this year Dr Ong did a knee replacement surgery on my right knee and now after six months my right knee is as good as new plus his staff were so professional and wonderful..... I would gladly recommend Dr Bernard Ong to anyone that needs it....Thank you Dr Ong and your staff....Happy Holidays"